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Christmas Decor Inspo

Happy December! How quickly has this year gone?! Luckily Christmas month, aka December is my favourite time of year. To ease you into the first of my Christmas content, here's a little post to give you some ideas on some festive DIYs!
I love having a home filled with plants and flowers. Gathering twigs, pine cones & leaves is fun and free. Finding the right branches that can then be spray painted and decorated look beautiful & subtle, perfect decoration for a hallway or kitchen. I'm also planning on painting some pine cones and temporarily replacing the fruit in the fruit bowl with some white tipped cones!
I love wrapping when it comes to gift giving and not just at Christmas! Although I feel this time of year it's that little bit more acceptable to really go all out with the glitter and pom poms. Here's a few easy example I love. Personally I'm a big fan of brown paper and it's usually my go to. I always doodle some snowflakes or add cut out white paper silhouettes of trees or stags (this was last years wrapping). Another little tip is snipping small branches off the back of your Christmas tree and give it a little snow spray (I think I buy mine from Hobby Craft), I tuck these underneath the twine I've used on each gift.

Last year was the first year I decorated for Christmas with full control of all the decorations. Luckily my boyfriend just lets me get on with it! We have really similar taste and as long as not everything is super feminine he likes it haha (oh the fragile male ego). Anyway, all of these images above can easily be made at home. Grab yourself some crafting card and give Pinterest a good search. Pinterest is full of amazing ideas, how lovely are the decorations in the middle?! I also think good old fashioned paper snowflakes can look super chic, I love how they're hung in the last photo! I will definitely be making some paper garlands the line the hallway with.

Thanks for reading!
Olivia xx

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Pretty Little Thing OOTD

I'm back with another outfit! This time I've teamed up with Pretty Little Thing to share some of my fave pieces from the site. Of course its also Cyber Weekend and everything in this post is currently discounted, happy days!
As always I love to share my favourite fashion finds and it's of course a massive bonus when they're also amazing value for money. I've been after pink fluffy sliders for soo long and these are perfect!
This coat is also something I'm super happy about, individually most my wardrobe pieces are neutral. I love giving my outfit a lil summin' extra with this coat, and it still feels like a 'me' outfit.

Does that make sense? There are SO many trends I love but I try them and think it doesn't feel right or doesn't suit me. For example baker boy hats categorically do not suit me, they look so cool and fab yet my little moon face does not agree and the result gave us quite a few laughs at the least. My point was I still feel this is a really comfortable and easy outfit for me (even with the vinyl platform boots haha).

Anyway I'm getting side tracked, if you're interested in grabbing anything from this post while it's discounted everything is linked below or you can have a browse on the site here everything's up to 50% off! Happy Shopping!

Olivia xx

pink fluffy sliders

*this post was in collaboration with Pretty Little Thing*

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Ebay Fashion Finds

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my Insta Story from a couple days ago, I shared a few of my recent favourite eBay fashion finds that are crazy cheap and I had really positive feedback which was fab!

First of all if you've never shopped from wholesalers on eBay here's a few things to keep in mind...

1. If you're paying ridiculously low prices, don't expect too much from the quality.
2. Accessories (sunglasses, jewellery, bags) are usually the most accurate to the photos, clothing can be hit or miss.
3. I try to only buy items that are shipped from the UK (or which ever country you're based in) as there's less of a chance of a parcel going missing, postage is usually free and it arrives much quicker!
4. For clothing read the measurements provided in the listing. The sizes are usually Chinese not UK, and will come up super tiny if you don't check your measurements and order the correct size.

I can't guarantee that these items are going to be identical to the photos. It's very similar to ordering from shops like Shein, Romwe and SammyDress. These sellers will often use photos of the garment theirs was copied from. If I order something I try to keep my expectations quite low, just to save disappointment. Saying that, most of the time I'm really pleased with items I've ordered!

What I love the most about these eBay finds are it's really easy to try out a trend if you're unsure if it's for you or not. I ordered myself a pink beret last week for £2.99 (including postage!) I've seen them listed for upwards of £10 on Asos and Topshop. If you're worried you won't wear it more than a couple times, this is a really great way of trying it out and not feeling you've wasted a lot of money.

Anyway, here's my best finds at the moment. All the links are at the bottom. I hope it's helpful!
Olivia xx

(left to right)
1. Sheer star top, £4.99 -
2. Corduroy trousers, £12.49 -
3. Button blouse, £8.99 -

4. Chunky cat eye sunglasses, £5.99 -
5. Lace bra, £2.99 -
6. Side stripe trousers, £4.55 -

7. Bardo white top, £6.99 -
8. Beret, £2.99 -
9. No Bra Club top, £2.99 -

10. Stripe top, £6.89 -
11. Velvet trousers, £12.86 -
12. Face earrings, £2.59 -

13. Metal cat eye sunglasses, £3.69 -
14. Saint Pablo tour merch, £19.99 -
15. Small bag, £10.70 -

16. Wide leg trousers, £7.25 -
17. Corduroy jacket, £13.56 -
18. Faux fur bag, £12.99 -

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Top 5 Highstreet Makeup picks

I've recently really cut down on the amount of time I spend on my makeup. I really love quick and effortless makeup. I go for light-medium coverage, a dewy/glowy finish and all neutral colours. All these products are £10 or less and are staples in my makeup bag. The past year I've swapped over to only using cruelty free cosmetics so none of these products have been tested on animals either!
 I've used this product for yearsss. If I ever try out a new foundation this is what I always end up coming back too. A medium coverage that's really build-able. What I love the most is it's dewiness, I can really layer it on without it getting cakey (which is amazing!).

I was using a super pale concealer under my eyes for the past couple years and I've recently moved onto this one from Elf. I have used the conceal and highlight duo from Elf before and it was really poor. However the HD lifting concealer, I love. From the very similar packaging I'm presuming the formula is meant to be similar to the Nars creamy concealer (I'm just guessing here). It's lovely and dewy, which is what I really look for in my base make-up. It also has good coverage for a more lightweight and bendable concealer. A downside: the colour range is sparse. I use Fair, which is the lightest and it's too dark for me without a tan!

 A very natural highlight stick, which gives a gorgeous golden glowy sheen. I didn't love this product at first when I was using a brush to blend out, but as soon as I used my fingers instead it was just the product I needed!

I've got such fair eyebrows I used to only used to use a eyebrow pomade and really draw on a defined shape. However, I've been growing them out for the past 8 months and (although very blonde) I have eyebrows again! I've been using mostly just this brow product on them for a more natural feel.

This product was revolutionary for me not only did it match my naturally very ashy hair tone but I just can't fault it. A third of the price of dip brow and I have no plans on upgrading. I used to use this all over my brows but now just to fill in sparse patches and to add definition. 
Thanks for reading!
Olivia xx

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Los Angeles & Vegas Photo Diary

With the amazing weather in LA we took whatever chance we could to visit the beach or the pool. All my swimwear on this trip was from (which they very kindly let me pick out!). I first chose a classic white bandeau bikini - here. As well as a cream bandeau swimsuit, which was so flattering, especially if you've just eaten a big lunch haha- here. Lastly I picked out two printed bikinis. The first a underwired with a polka dot print - here. The second another black and white print  - here. I loved the quality and the fit and the website definitely caters to everyone!

I love to take new swimwear on a holiday with me but I always struggle to find a good balance between comfort and what's on trend. I think my picks really suit what I look for in swimwear: minimal & stylish with that trend and comfort balance. Whilst I was away, if we were spending the day near a beach I'd wear a bikini under neath whatever outfit I had on that day, so the Swimwear 365 styles I took with me were perfect for this! The fabrics and fits where really comfortable to wear all day (plus I was really impressed with the range of cup sizes on the site!) I love to pair denim or loose fabric shorts with a neutral bikini top, I think it looks really flattering and relaxed. It was such a staple look for me on holiday and it definitely fit in well with the laid back LA vibe!

SO my last trip I had booked this year was a pretty big one, I flew out to Los Angeles with my best gal Georgia to chill, shop and mostly eat all the food I could.

The first four days we stayed in a Airbnb in Culver city, such a beautiful area! We didn't have a pool at the house so we did a couple days visiting Malibu & Venice beach. As well as shopping on Abbot Kinney and Melrose Avenue. The Butchers Daughter was an amazing vegetarian breakfast & lunch spot, I had the surfers breakfast which I'm still thinking about. 

We hired a car for the whole time which was a massive life saver. Next we drove from LA to Vegas, we had a couple days booked to drink margaritas and obviously fill up on more food before heading back to LA.

When we returned to LA we stayed at the Line hotel in Korea town which was such a cool hotel. I've included pictures of the rooftop pool are which was beautiful! We spent our last few days doing a little more Sephora shopping and filling up on In-n-Outs animal fries (I miss these the most) before heading back home!

also check out Georgias blog here, I know she's got some fab content coming up from the trip too!

Speak soon,
Olivia xx

*This post is sponsored by Swimwear 365*

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Autumn Basics OOTD

Happy Sunday! I spent the day mooching around Winchester, a very usual Sunday for me. Arrived back home to some new Missguided pieces today! You best believe I headed straight back out again to grab some outfit pics haha.  I'm surprised I haven't already bought myself a camel coat this year. I love them for autumn, they make monochrome outfits look x10 more put together. I paired them with also new snazzy pair of cut out boots. I feel if ChloĆ© and Acne made a baby (a shoe baby that is) it would be these. I'm totally obsessed with them! 
There's also a few 30% off codes floating around for Missguided at the moment (the only one I can remember off the top of my head is @emilycocklin: EMILYCMG30, one of my favourite insta accounts at the moment!). 

I've got a highlights post from my trip to LA & Vegas coming very soon!
Olivia xx

W E A R I N G   T O D A Y
shirt - Zara (something similar)
trousers - Missy Empire
neck tie - Misspap* (something similar)
sunglasses - Missguided*

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