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£15 and under Autumn Staples

I've pulled together some favourites of mine that I think are great transitional wardrobe pieces into spring. Light coloured knits are a secret winner of mine.. jumpers, scarfs, sweatshirts all don't look like you're dressed too 'wintery' in paler colours. Off the shoulder jumpers and jumper dresses are also fab pieces for this in-between 'not too cold but also a bit rubbish' uk weather we have this time of year. Best part is everything is £15 and under, super affordable and really easy pieces to wear later on in the year too!

Happy Monday! 

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Blogger Chat #1: Staying True to Yourself

My boyfriend can 100% confirm that I’m a gal of many opinions, one thing I absolutely love is just chatting with friends and family about controversial topics and current affairs. I love to be challenged and I'm really open to hearing other peoples opinions. SO that being said, that is what this post is all about. Just me voicing some thoughts and experiences, but by all means feel free to let me know if you agree/disagree or think something else, cause we’re all friends here! 

The last couple years I’ve grown the majority of my readers, both on Instagram and my blog. Now if ya know me you’ll know I love clothes, styling outfits and sharing affordable high street pieces (I’d say that’s a good 90% of the content I create haha). So it’s always a dream to get to work with brands I’ve shopped at for years as well as new companies I’ve discovered through blogging!

BUT where do you draw the line when it comes to taking on every collaboration? I don’t think anyone can deny it’s enormously flattering for a company to reach out and want to work with you. It's easy to get carried away, I think it is so important to remember to stay true to yourself. I always think 'would I recommend this brand/product to a close friend?'. If not, it wouldn't be right for me to positively promote it online.

One of the first collaborations I ever agreed too was a 30 day Teatox, it was back in the day when they started trending across social media. I really wanted to try the product and it felt like I was being let into the inner blogger circle, in the form of a box of weird smelling tea bags (seriously lol, why am I like this). 
Now, did I actually bother to read up about the Teatox? Nope. I was happy enough to post it on my Instagram without much of a second thought. I look back and really regret it. I wish I’d have had a think as to why the PR gal was encouraging me to post about it before I’d had time to even try the product. That kind of shows they weren't after my genuine opinion, which is why blogging has become such a huge community after all. You read someones blog and you get to know them and trust their recommendations!

 I did however use and drink, the entire box of tea (I didn’t try and flog it on depop the next day, don't worry!) but I just didn't rate it at all, I didn’t notice a difference in my body and just drinking green tea would have probably been a lot better for me.

You live and you learn, it’s not that big a deal to most but it has always been something that niggled me. I think this kind of minor ‘selling out’ is so common on social media. How many celebs have you seen promoting hair vitamins and protein powder with a very scripted and almost identical caption to the previous 17 other sponsored posts you’ll have seen that day…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging. We’ve all got bills to pay and every person has their own prerogative. This is just the debate I always have with myself, when should I decline an offer? would I actually spend my own money on this item if it wasn't gifted?. I actually feel really good about turning down opportunities now that I just don't think are for me, or if I don't think my content is being valued enough. Blogging is more work that people think and x3 scheduled Instagram posts for a free phone case just doesn't feel right anymore.

I really admire blogger ladies and gents that have strong morals when it comes to their content. The bottom line is people aren’t stupid, so I think it’s really important not to pull the wool over the eyes of your readers just for some free stuff. Long term is it really worth someone loosing trust in your opinion?

 Anyway I could go on for days about topics like this, every situation and person is different. Isn’t it so difficult to come to some kind of conclusion with matters like this?! That’s why I love chatting about it so much. That’s just my two cents on the matter (in a nutshell). 

Do let me know if you enjoy reading posts that are more of a discussion like this, I’ve got lots more to say haha. 

Happy Tuesday loves,
Olivia xx

shirt - Zara
skirt - Missy Empire*
sunglasses - Bershka*
necklace - H&M
shoes - Missy Empire*

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How to Style a Trench with Jack Wills

So today I'm chatting a little about a long time favourite of mine, the classic trench. I think I owned my first trench when I was around 15! Now if you've read my blog for a while you might know that I'm all about wardrobe staples my own is built from classic shapes and trusty basics. Truly I think the trench is a timeless piece that just instantly makes you feel cool whenever you put it on.
Here I've paired it with some other wardrobe essentials: a white silk top, washed mom jeans, low heel mules and a small black boxy bag.

I think Jack Wills have nailed it with their Trench styles, they've got you covered with a really classic style, as well as length and colour alternatives if you're after something a little different but still nailing those trench vibes. You can have a look at the Jack Wills womens trench coat styles here.

Read Jack Wills's own guide on 'How To Style a Trench Coat' to have a look at how some other fab ladies are styling up the trench. Showing you these different styles in more detail and will definitely get you inspired!

Happy Friday,
Olivia xx

*this post is Sponsored by Jack Wills, all words and opinions are my own*

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Slogan Tees OOTD

earrings- Missguided*
sunglasses- Topshop (old), similar here

Hello lovelies! Long time no post, but it felt really good to get a outfit shot today! Kind of been in a bit of a blogging rut recently. During my last few weeks of uni I had to put blogging on hold and found it a little tricky to pick it back up again. It sounds odd but I genuinely feel just out of practise. 

So whats new? Since I've finished Uni I headed straight to Ibiza (post will be up in a couple days so i'll keep it short) but it was fab and I fell in love with the island. Came home and booked another holiday to LA later this year, very spontaneous but who can say no to Vegas? 
After getting back from holiday I've finally had a little time to myself, actually being able to see friends and family often is so refreshing following finishing uni (aka the most stressful period of my life) and being a social recluse.

Anyway back to the outfit! Slogan tees are everywhere at the moment, a trend that I've been loving too. Wearing one of my favourites from Missy Empire, I love watching people trying to read from a distance haha. Super comfy outfit today, these Topshop cigarette trousers are a long time favourite of mine. Paired it with my new Lola May bomber and Misspap bag to add a little somethin'!

I've popped in a few of my other favourite below too if you're on the lookout for one!
Olivia xx

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Minimal Basics OOTD

Happy Saturday! These gorgeous Cheska mules arrived in the post this morning, they look even cooler in person, SO chuffed with them! 
Ego actually have 25% student discount with Unidays which makes these beauties £18.70!! It's redeamable on their site 

I'm so close to finishing uni now and can't wait to start posting a little bit more blog content once I'm done. I've spent a long time in higher education so I don't know what I'll do with myself (apart from trying to get a job haha). I'm collaborating for my final collection and it's made it to the LCF BA'17 show, which is totally amazing!

It's great to be able to have faux leather but still with all the Gucci vibes, they definitely help jazz up this outfit. Below I've picked out some more faux leather embroidered pieces I think are just as great!

jacket - Zara (similar here)
belt - Missguided*
jeans - AG Jeans*
bag - Zara
Shoes - EGO*

Olivia xx

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Shoe Styling with New Look

* this post was sponsored by New Look *

I was set a challenge by New Look to choose a pair of shoes and style an outfit around them. I love having fun with fashion like this so I was really excited to give this a try!

I went for these black fluffy sliders, I've been after a pair just like this for a while now but never knew what to wear them with. If I'm really stuck on outfit ideas I'll go to Pinterest and search for a particular item, I normally find so much inspo! This time I couldn't find anything!! So felt like this outfit was a bit of a gamble but I adore it!

The trousers have a small split at each ankle which makes them a little bit more *fashion* than a basic cigarette leg. I went for a really laid back feel with this giant cuffed shirt, I sized up a couple sizes to give it that oversized masculine feel.
Lastly I accessorised with some simple, statement sunglasses & earrings. I feel like the gold accents make the whole outfit a little bit more luxe and fancy.

What do you think of faux fur shoes? I think these sliders are really versatile if you're looking to try out the trend! I've linked everything below if you're interested. Of course with New Look it's so affordable, each piece is under £20, how amazing!


Happy Sunday!
Olivia xx

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