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Day to Night OOTD

I wore this outfit with some strappy heels last weekend to a family do in Liverpool and absolutely loved it, I wasn't able to photograph at the time so was really looking forward to shooting it today. Definitely was no way near as cold last week and it actually started SNOWING as soon as I took my jacket off. To my boyfriends delight we managed to take the photos I needed in 5 mins and run back to the shops to warm up!

I also wanna talk about these jeans.. I thought they were leather at first on this site but they're actually a coated denim, I think this is why they fit like a dream! I'm heading out to Winchester tonight with the same outfit (I feel like outfit repeating is okay when it's at opposite ends of the country? haha) but i'll be swapping trainers for something a little fancier! 💃

Happy Saturday!
Olivia x

trousers - MISSGUIDED*
bag - Stradivarius

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Valentines Day Gifts & Ideas

pyjama shirt- MISSGUIDED* , trousers- Missy Empire, shoes- Whistles
candle- Tom Dixon, hand cream- Aesop
5. 'I hate you the least' coaster
6. Blush bustier bra & pants

I think this is my first ever Valentines day blog post, which is surprising because it's one of my favourite days of the year! Whether you're spending it with partners or pals it's a really great opportunity to let the people around you know how much you care for them. 

To me Valentines isn't a day to feel bad for being single or a competition of who can spend the most on their significant other. I think it should be about appreciating people in your life. Even sending a card to someone you know dreads February 14th every year is a really thoughtful gesture, a little really does go a long way!

How lovely would it be to give a cute pair of gimmicky socks, a card and someones favourite flowers? or instead of going out for dinner make some paper decorations and cook at home? Homemade touches really do show the effort! A valentines day years ago I spent hours cutting pink post-it notes into heart shapes and put them all over the walls, it was cheap, effective and funny (and definitely not lame!! haha).

If you're a girl like myself and believe deeply in 'treating yo self', go and get yourself some new fancy pyjamas and spend the evening relaxing. It could be a glass of wine in the bath or pizza and your favourite movie (or both!). Dedicating time for yourself is just as important as doing that for others!

Anyway hope this might have helped if you're feeling a little stuck,
 happy Friday! 
Olivia xx

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Bare January OOTD

As I'm editing this post I'm still really excited about this outfit. One of my favourite things about ~blogging~ is shooting an outfit that genuinely makes me feel x10 more confident. I left the house with bare legs in January and still felt like I knew what I was doing.

I also wanna talk about this shirt dress!! I already posted a photo on my Instagram the other day but really want to reiterate how fab it is! It's the softest shirt fabric and feels so expensive, plus has ties on the sleeves and side pockets.. so you know I was already sold on that alone.

The fishnets socks are fairly new too, been wearing them so many different ways! I'm after a rose pink colour next but seem to be sold out everywhere!!

coat- Missguided
dress- Misspap* (code 'OLIVIAH10' for 10% off your order)
bag- Misspap
sunglasses- Missguided* (similar here)
socks- Asos
boots- Zara (similar here)

Happy Tuesday! xx

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Knitwear Co-ord

How does everyone feel about knitwear co-ords? I love them. I posted about an Asos jumper dress a few months back and I get the same kind of vibes from this Miss Bardo set. I either pair them with trainers or boots. Can you believe it's only £20 for the jumper and skirt! Paired with the velvet boots and faux leather it's a very ~me~ outfit. 

jacket- Zara
boots- Zara
bag- Zara

Am I the only one who has given up with even starting new years resolutions? The last few years I've always just felt if I wanted to improve an aspect of myself or my life I'll just do it then and there. 

I was actually asked at a nye party what my resolution was and to avoid sounding conceited I just gave a generic response of 'trying to eat healthier', might not have gone down to well if I actually replied with 'I made so many positive changes in the last 18 months I don't feel there's anything I want to drastically change'. Could you imagine!!

Of course I'd love to eat less crisps and drink more water but I'm a big believer in moderation. (Maybe that's why I look particularly cheerful in this set of photos because I headed out to eat nachos straight after!) My heart has just never been in resolutions, although I wish I was one of these people that it worked for! I would love to hear any success stories, maybe I'm doing it all wrong haha.

Happy Sunday, 
Olivia xx

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Maxi Coat OOTD

 Lots of new pieces going on in this outfit, I bought myself this coat, body and shoes over the past few days, loving all of them! Also (finally) updated my cross body bag with this Zara beaut, one of my favourite Christmas presents. Luckily having a blog comes in handy when your boyfriend wants ideas for gifts!
How great are these Gucci esq flats?! My last bargain buy of 2016, these babies where £8 from Primark!

coat - Misguided
body- Misguided
bag - Zara
trousers - Topshop
shoes - Primark

Hope you've all had a fabulous Christmas and great start to 2017. Thank to everyone who's continued to support my blog throughout 2016, hope to see you all next year!
Olivia xx

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NYE Outfit Ideas

Merry Christmas! 
(I've brought posting this forward a little, I'm terrified items will start going out of stock before it went live.)
I love outfit planning just as much as the next style obsessive and new years eve is one of the best nights to plan for, mostly because excessive glitter is acceptable even if you're staying in. I've put together a few outfit ideas, from a fancy smart casual to some killer NYE out-outfits.
I used polypore to put the outfits together, for actual product details they're all listed here & here. Below I've listed hughstreet alternatives that are much easier to get your hands on.
outfit one:
jacket- Mango
skirt- Missguided
boots- (alternative, Zara, Asos)
clutch- (alternative, New Look)

outfit two:
dress: Warehouse
bag: Gucci (alternative, Asos)
heels: Boohoo

outfit three:
cami: (alternative, River Island)
bra: (alternative, Boohoo)
skirt: Ralph Lauren (Misguided had a fab alternative but sold out before I could post!)
heels: (alternative, Misspap)
outfit four:
playsuit- (alternative, Asos, Asos)
bag- (alternative, Asos)
boots- (alternative, Misspap)

outfit five:
dress- Boohoo (alternative, Boohoo)
shoes- EGO (alternative, Asos)
rings- (alternative, Asos)

outfit six:
cami- H&M
trousers- (alternative, Asos)
necklace- (alternative, Asos)
mules- Topshop
clutch- (alternative, Asos)

Hope this helped if you're a little stuck on what to wear, 
Olivia xx

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