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Alexander Wang, Creative Director for Balenciaga

Alexander Wang has been named new creative director for Balenciaga, at first my reaction was '?!?!'..
It was said that Christopher Kane was meant to be taking this role, I was preparing myself for structure, panels, neutrals with an edgy print feel.
I love Alexander he's is one of my favourite designers, I think my shock is that I don't want him to share his talent with anyone else! He has such a fresh and young vibe I don't think he should be labelling himself to any brand yet!
I have a feeling there's going to be a Burberry-esq turn around. Meaning (in a nutshell) when Burberry where really loosing sales, became a less popular brand etc etc, they brought it in some young and famous faces (Emma Watson) to model. Since then they've become a really popular brand again, and the famous Burberry print has again been one people lust after.
My point is I think Alexander is so fantastic there's nothing he can't do, I think he's really going to turn the brand around and I can't wait to see their newest collection.

(photo: new york times)

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