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Christmas Treats

 I've loved seeing what people have been given for Christmas, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite pieces. Some where presents and some I've bought in the sales since.
1. Been wanting these heels for so long! Finally bought them from New Look and only for £11.
2. Tim Walker's Story Teller book, a beautiful book by my favourite fashion photographer.
3. I bought this bracelet in H&M and I really love it, most my jewellery is very dainty so it's nice to have this change.
4. Can't actually fit anything else in my wardrobe I've got far too many clothes now, but i'm really looking forward to wearing them all.
5. My boyfriend bought me a coffee machine to go in my room, along with a whole bunch of coffee treats from him and his family, which goes perfectly with my Starbucks tea from Katie ( They know me so well!

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  1. Beautiful shoes!

  2. Just from these pictures I can tell I love your sense of fashion. The mint shirt and the H&M bracelets -- two great pieces. And as a Starbucks addict, I can vouch for the medium roast. Great choice! Love your blog!

    Blue skies!
    Brett Westmoreland

  3. i absolutely love your blog! you have such similiar taste to me and you share my love in well everything! would be so honoured if you checked out my blog! oh and i followed you :)x



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