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Project: Envelopes

Continuing the same projects from my last interior post, I've moved onto looking at stationary and interior styling, using some of my own developed drawings.
Here is just a small envelope for buttons or paper clips etc.
They're very easy and quick to make, just print out your own design then you're good to go!

I'm having a very stressful week. Putting in 100% effort at college recently, I feel it's paying off although taking over my life (I didn't got to bed thursday and just worked through the night!). Aswell as finding out I have to submit an online portfolio for London College of Fashion by the 31st of Jan!! and I'm not too happy with my portfolio there's a couple bits I want to alter.
Along with prep I need to do for other interviews coming up soon and working every weekend leaves me with little time to get it all done. Example being at work today I found myself designing cushions on the back of receipts...

SAYING THIS, I am also loving being completely involved in it all. I'm constantly thinking about new techniques and ideas I want to try, I'm always learning and evolving as an art student. No matter how stressed out I'm becoming, it's never a chore for me to loose any sleep over it all and I've learnt to never switch off. I'm just very lucky I really enjoy what I do!

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