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Portfolio & Uni

 Sorry for not posting a lot recently! The past couple weeks I've been having Uni interviews and getting my portfolio ready for them. Although I've finished all that and I'm so pleased to say I've got a place at London College of Fashion (I've been posting this everywhere!), studying Designer Pattern Cutting.

I'm planning on putting a post up later in the year about the interview process. Reason being, I couldn't find ANY info first hand from students about the Pattern Cutting interview or about how they are finding/found the course. I did manage to get this by contacting people myself but it would have definitely helped me if that information was to hand.

I worked so hard to get my portfolio to a high standard, I knew LCF inside out, did A LOT of planning and prep and I'm so thankful it has all paid off! Pattern Cutting is something I really love and studying at LCF is the icing on the cake.

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