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Bedroom Interior

 Finished my three years at college last week, looking forward to my long summer! Although it's not that long until i'll be moving to London, so in preparation I've had a huge clear out of my room (surprising as I don't actually own that much 'stuff').
I'm hoping to make the most of my free time this summer, I've got a lovely small collection of Pattern Cutting books in the hope I can get ahead for my course! but so far my free time has consisted of going for drinks, eating out and shopping- my priorities are most definitely in order.

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  1. I absolutely love the interior in your room!

  2. Haha sounds like your going to have a good summer. Love your taste in interiors and eye for design, your room looks beautiful xx

    Heels forever

  3. Great summer plans haha! Love your desk, minimal + rustic is a winning combo x



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