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//Project: Final Collection Progression

 I've finally put together my pieces, I've just shown a few pictures here to give a rough idea of what it looks like. They all need pressing but then they're ready to hang in the exhibition!

Also, I wanted to hang them on metal coat hangers. Does anyone from the UK know where I could buy some? They seem to be impossible to track down!

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  1. Looks very nice! Have you tried eBay or Amazon? They always have everything.

  2. Love your final pieces! Um Morplan do some and I think you can get student discount from that website or amazon, not sure about anywhere off the internet though!
    Petit Dora xoxo

  3. Looking cool, beautiful pieces! xx

  4. AnonymousJune 03, 2013

    The whole outfit looks amazing, wish I had your style!

  5. AnonymousJune 04, 2013

    In love with your collection, I would definitely buy !
    It reminds me a bit of Dion Lee (who I love) with the use of tailoring and the exposed bits of skin xx

  6. they look amazing, congrats - i just finished my foundation year too! you could try wilkinsons for hangers - I have had some metal ones from there in the past!

    bec X



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