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 The last few days I've been in Barcelona, my boyfriend took me on a surprise trip and it's safe to say we've both fallen in love with the city.
Our days consisted of roaming the city, the beach and trying out every bar and restaurant that took our fancy. The hotel was equally as beautiful, Hotel Hesperia Tower was another highlight of our trip.
To top it all off I found about 5 Zara's and consequently reverted back to my old habits of impulse buying (I blame the home comforts of Zara). Although one of my favourite purchases is the nude leather bracelet (above) bought from one of the stalls on La Rambla!

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  1. Wow, these photos are beautiful! I can tell you're having so much fun! Enjoy, and the bracelet is so beautiful x

  2. the food looks delicious! the best part of holidays is finding new places to shop. i think especially market stalls - the bracelet is lovely and you can almost guarantee nobody else at home will have one!

  3. Looks lovely :), Barcelona is so gorgeous. What a nice surprise!x



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