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London & White Cube Gallery

 I have spent almost the entire day trying to be ultra organised in planning my move to London, this some what turned on itself and became 'lets find lots of fun stuff to do when I'm there' (a form of procrastination whilst trying to suppress the fears of using the tube alone!)...
Although there are a lot more lists to write, I have found some lovely places to keep myself busy (for the first month at least).
A favourite of mine being the White Cube Gallery, I had known about the gallery previously but didn't realise there are three of them in London! Hoxton Square gallery is a short walk from where I'll be living, Duke street I could combine with a not-so impromptu shopping trip, and the Bermondsey gallery will have to be visited as well, just to round it up (photo above).

I've found a few cafes, bars and galleries, all in walking distance. The Book Club being at the top of my list, but if you know of any places in the Shoreditch/ Hoxton area please do let me know!

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