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I love Zara's new way of showing each item, I really like the models they've picked, how its been styled, even hair and make-up!
Since it's my birthday in a couple weeks I've been on the lookout for a birthday present, I'm finding it really difficult to pick something I'd like. Especially after finding these few pieces it's proving ever harder to make a definitive choice!

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  1. Zara is just a dangerous website for me to go on, you are right the way they present things just makes them more appealing X


  2. I'm so impressed by how they're showing each item, I think it's great to see pieces that are dressed with a whole look
    Loving your blogposts x

  3. So glad I'm not the only person getting a chuff on over their new style of photograph. I love it. Great picks too!
    - xx

  4. These photos are gorgeous, Zara has really outdone themselves!



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