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Zara Coat

I bought this coat at the beginning of summer and it seemed a bit silly posting about it then, but now I've started to see glimpses of a/w fashion more so I've jumped at the chance to put it on here!
It's been nicknamed the London coat by my mumma as it's a city coat and was bought primarily for my move to London (4 weeks!).

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  1. That coat is absolutely beautiful!

    Julia x

  2. That coat is gorgeous! So clean cut and simple

    Xenia xx

  3. Gorgeous coat!! I hope your move to London runs smoothly. Love that you're buying stuff and saving it for your move to kind of 'mark' the event...So am I!


  4. I just came across your blog and love the way your blog looks. It is absolutely beautiful and your pictures are great too! Made me want to run to Zara and buy the coat! xx

    Check out my blog



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