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Transition to Bloglovin'

I've only recently managed to get my head round Bloglovin', it's taken me a while to adjust but I'm finding it a much easier way to read posts and comment etc!
My problem is I don't follow many blogs, I didn't want to import any (kind of of starting a fresh). If any links are left below I'll happily have a look! I'm also checking out blogs of new followers frequently now I'm actually using Bloglovin'.

I keep a permanent link in the side bar but you can also click here 

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  1. Hi :) im following you, feel free to follow back ^^

    xx teenj

  2. I totally agree Bloglovin' is a much easier way to read blogs. I've always been following yours! I'd love you to check mine out :)

    Sarah Nunn // UK Style Blog


  3. I never used to understand Bloglovin' but now it's my favourite way to follow blogs. Started following you a couple of days ago, you're so chic! xx

  4. Bloglovin is actually my favourite site! It keeps everything nice and organized. xo

  5. So true, it makes organizing the blogs you follow a lot more simple! x



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