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Christmas Day

 Have had such a lovely morning with all the family.
OOTD, very simple (as always) wearing a Reiss top I bought a few weeks back and my favourite fluffy Christmas shoes from Asos.
Also included a few photos of my most treasured gifts from today, I'm so grateful.
Now for a late lunch exchanging more presents and another glass of Moët!

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  1. I love love love how simple this outfit is and those shoes are to die for. Beautiful! Happy holidays darling! xx

  2. Oh my god! I have been looking for sandals like those for over two months, after I saw Marilyn Monroe wearing them on a movie but in pink. I am obsessed with them and can't find them anywhere. I started thinking I should just make them myself.

    I just read you found them on Asos but I still can't find them. Help me! :(




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