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Christmas Wish List

Feels like so long since I have posted, deadlines crept up so I've disappeared the last couple weeks to get everything finished in time. Although now I've already started my second project with lots of design work to keep me busy over Christmas.

I've put together a wish list of things I've been lusting over recently.

1. Lace Trim slip dress- kind of cheated with this one as I've already bought a very similar here for dinner at the Ritz next month!
2. Dainty jewellery- Can't get enough recently, there has been lots catching my eye in Harrods.
3. Tom Dixon candle in copper.
4. Zara boots- even I can say I do not need another pair of black boots, but one more pair won't hurt!
5. Alexa Chungs 'It'- I've heard different things about this book, I'm keen to read it myself.
6. Basics- Feeling as if I need to stock up on some new basics, a quick way to reinvent my wardrobe.
7. Silk pyjamas- A luxury unjustifyable unless it's Christmas, I can't think of anything more self indulgent then a pair of silk pyjamas.
8. Flowers (white peonies to be precise).

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