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Old & New Favourites

 I've been drawn towards items based on how silky they are over the past few weeks. Whilst being home I've rediscovered a few pieces I didn't take to London, consequently fallen in love with them all over again.
The top right photo I wear everyday without fail. My trusty Marc Jacobs, I've almost worn it everyday for the last year and a half. The star necklace is Estella Bartlett the other I recently bought from Orelia via Topshop (both very inexpensive and so dainty).
D&G perfume was a Christmas present, the unisex collection of about 6 different scents. I really like the hint of masculine the one shown above has.
Lastly an all time favourite is my love for white flowers, recently favouring Peonies these Paper Whites my Mother has been growing are equally as beautiful.

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  1. This is such gorgeous photography.




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