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OOTD summer saturdays

 Didn't realise that my entire outfit is Zara today. I went to Mottisfont Abbey, spent the day soaking up the sun in the rose gardens with an ice cream (a pretty good saturday in my opinion).
Was also the first time I've had my legs out in the day this year, think that really does mark the start of summer for me!

Quick update, I've finished uni for the year and moving out of halls next week (couldn't come sooner). Got 101 projects and ideas I want to start working on already, but while I'm home for a few days I'm listing a lot on Depop (my username is @olivia_wh).

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  1. so gorgeous! nothing beats a good bit of zara.
    just wondering what you did to get these borders on your photos? did you use photoshop? xo

  2. I love this chic look! Really summery but cool

  3. You look gorgeous! :)

  4. What a gorgeous place, how beautiful are those flowers? Love the dress, so comfy looking too x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. Beautiful look and the background is just stunning!
    PS. I've got a new blog, come visit sometimes! // xx



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