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Summer Plans

Thought I'd share a few photos i'd taken in the past couple week. Some are on my instagram, (most don't have a place anywhere and are saved for posts like this).
Finishing Uni for the year has given me time to make clothes I can actually wear from a day to day basis. Getting so excited about designs and fabrics, I've started so far with just left over materials I already had. The skirt shown above is something I can wear over summer and wear in 101 different ways, but I do plan on making more interesting pieces.
I'm back working at River Island, really happy to be working again especially at a job i've been doing for years now.
Lots of posts planned too.. will do some on what i've been making if thats of interest to anyone other than myself! as well as an updated room post (when it's finished).

Happy wednesday x


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  1. Love that grey skirt and black tank outfit. Very simple and effective.

    Janine Maral from



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