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Christmas Wish List

I am Christmas number 1. fan, without any shame either. I completely indulge myself in anything Christmas-y and everyone near me. (My boyfriend has had a list of things I wanted to do this year weeks ago). Thought it was about time to officially put together a Christmas wish list!

1. A black faced watch. The one featured above is from Olivia Burton but I just like the idea of a black watch.

2. Ceramic Jackalope. I saw this in Selfridges last week and thought it was amazing! You unscrew the head and stuff his body with cotton wool, then pull it out his tail when needed. By no means an essential but I thought it was adorable.

3. Acne Knit. Love this grey chunky jumper this would be a great addition to my Acne pieces.

4. Jo Malone scent. I'm after a perfume in general but I think the Jo Malone bottles are lovely to look at. (Probably not the to-do thing when picking a new perfume, but I'm always drawn to the packaging first!).

5. Candles. I'm a huge candle fan and they're lit 24/7, so I get through them pretty quickly. 

6. Faux fur throw. Although I did buy myself one the other day, I'm classing it as an early Christmas present.

7. Whistles fold over bag. I've been looking for a small/medium sized everyday black bag, I think this is perfect.

8. Underwear. I am underwear obsessed recently, ASOS have some beaut' sets in at the moment!

9. Jewellery. I love receiving jewellery as a present, this Monica Vinader ring has been a long time favourite of mine.

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  1. Ah such a nice christmas wishlist! Have you smelt the wood sage and sea salt perfume from Jo Malone? it's so lovely and I am hoping to find that under my tree this christmas! You can never go wrong with underwear either some pieces are just so pretty



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