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Pattern Cutting/ Womens Wear Design Portfolio

As a fashion student of many years I thought I should really be sharing more of my own work. I graduated from LCF this year with a Foundation Degree in Designer Pattern Cutting, after joining the FDA (foundation) course they opened it as a BA and so obviously the big Uni lover I am I applied and joined the second year so: 1. I get to be a student for 2 more years and 2. I can complete my BA!

The project we've just finished we were given a small selection of brands to choose from and we would design a collection as if we we're working for said company. I obviously picked my favourite Céline (Phoebe Philo is my absolute idol).

Normally how our design works is we pick a concept that runs throughout our collection and then maybe 1 or 2 inspirations that 'inspire' designs/colours/fabrics, all that good stuff. This term I focused on two womens (Frida Kahlo and Katherine Hepburn) as my collection inspiration.

The photos above are essentially a very compressed portfolio. Starting off with mood boards/ concepts/ idea and research. Developing colour and fabrics. Then the main bulk of the portfolio is design development, then onto technical presentation boards and a line up!

Happy Sunday! xx

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Culottes in Central | OOTD

Jumper- h&m (old)
Culottes- River Island
Bag and Boots- Zara
D ring belt- Asos

Morning! Did a little bit of Oxford st shopping and coffee drinking at Soho Grind with my other half Georgia ( in central London yesterday. Regent street christmas lights and decorations are up and they look beautiful! It took all of 0.2 seconds for the halloween window displays to come down and new Christmas displays to go up- but couldn't be happier! Christmas is London is just amazing.

I't seems to have gotten so cold so quickly recently, I keep forgetting to take a proper coat out with me and suffering big time for it. Yesterday I wore my favourite culottes and fancy new Céline esq. Zara bag, its a great size and only £30!!

Hope you have a fab Friday (it's nearly the weekend)! I've been dating a nice boy who's coming to stay tonight, going to be taking him to some cute pubs back home and maybe breakfast out on Saturday. Then back to uni work before Monday again, *sob*.

Olivia xx

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What I've been wearing...

 As I haven't posted anything outfit related for a long time! Thought I'd do a little Instagram update on what I've been wearing. Obsessed with frumpy trousers and trainer combo at the moment. I try and post daily on Instagram at @olivia_wh!

Got a post half written about a uni project I'm working on, will be going up soon!
Happy Thursday xx

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Minimal Bedroom Interior

 (Generic long time no- post opening line) but I've been really slack the last few months!
Been spending the last couple weeks redecorating my bedroom, and so so happy that its pretty much done! (still have a few frames to hang).
Thank the lord for Ikea, 99% of my time/money/life has been spent there and I never want to see a piece of flat pack furniture again... but I now have a room as white, minimal and organised as I've always dreamed of (not even joking here unfortunately).

A couple diy tricks I used where..
1. I painted all the prints myself (apart from the fishes!) I've studied art/fashion since gcse so no excuse not to really!

2. The metal '&' sign was from Primark for £4. It was a metallic gold colour originally, but I painted it in Farrow and Balls railings- which is a lovely matt dark grey. (the copper candle was also a Primark steal!). I've re-painted frames and mirrors and it feels like i've bought completely new pieces.

 I was desperate for a double bed but I also don't have that big a room and I love to have lots of clear space. I decided on the BRIMNES ikea day bed which pulls out to a double when I need it. Plus the draws are huge!

I'll be adding more frames to the walls with darker prints to add a bit of depth to the all-white feel, and I plan on adding more plants/useless decorative bits/cushions as and when I see things I like.

Happy Monday! xxx

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Minimal outfit pieces

 I celebrated my 21st birthday on Wednesday by shopping and eating my heart out. I've never spent so much money in one spree, but it honestly felt really great. I picked up some staple a/w wardrobe pieces.

Photo 1. Skirt is from Topshop and boots Zara, probably the most feminine pieces I purchased!

Photo 2. I had planned to pick up a light grey Acne scarf when I was back in London but found this scarf in Topshop for £16! along with the classic white cotton shirt. Paired it with a vintage black leather clutch.

Photo 3. A new luggage bag from Mi-Pac was one of my presents from my boyfriend (can fit soo many things!) worn with new all back roshe runs, cigarette trousers from Topshop and basic white tee.

Haven't been posting at all recently! I work full time on womens contemporary in Selfridges and I'm left with very little time for anything else!... but I have a stack of birthday gifts and clothes that I'm desperate to blog about so hopefully will have another post up soon xxx

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Grid Print & Grey OOTD

shirt- h&m, coat + bag- zara, jeans- asos ridley, boots- river island (old), ring- accessorize

Long time no outfit post! Picked up this coat from the Zara sale and shirt from H&M recently. Little treats for securing a new job at Selfridges!
I'm so excited to start, the whole interview process was fairly nerve wracking, I had to give a presentation in a group interview which I actually really enjoyed. Everyone was so lovely, so was thrilled to receive a phone call offering me a full time position in the womens contemporary department (dream!).

I have my graduation in a week which is another exciting event planned! (will probably have a post to follow)

Happy Thursday xxx

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Final Year Project

Long time no post! So much has been happening- I have my boyfriends 21st birthday, we moved him into his new flat in London, I've had my final projects and hand in! Lots lots more but to summarise I've been so busy and I'm only just finding the time to post this.
I always say I might post some of my work (genuinely because I love looking at other peoples style of portfolio) thought it was about time I shared my own.

I worked with Georgia for this collaborative project (if you don't already know we study and live together) as we're both Pattern Cutters with similar taste it made the whole project 100x easier.
We took the concept of 'to dissect', and chose the collection to be Céline x & Other Stories (a list was given to us to choose from).
In the photos above I've included our concept board, a theme for the collection.
x2 portfolio pages, showing design development.
A line up of my final garments.
A couple photos of my own garments from the styled shoot.

It was an intense project with a 50 portfolio, 4 garments, patterns & toiles for each one (most had been draped from scratch). 2 evaluations, a collaborative log of the project, samples etc etc...

but it's done now! and I'll be graduating in July. I had an interview within the uni last month and have been offered a place on the BA Fashion Pattern Cutting starting from year 2- so back to uni for me!

Happy Monday! xx

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Orelia Jewellery*

 Orelia is one of my favourite jewellery brands, I've been buying from them for years.
How beautiful are these bangles! I've been wearing the rose gold one non stop (as it matches perfectly with my watch).
 Lately I've been feeling like I needed some new bracelets, so these arrived with perfect timing! Light and easy to wear jewellery is what I'm drawn towards in summer- so i'll definitely be getting my wear out of them.

Plus there's currently up to 50% off mid- season sale on their website, click here to have a look!


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Blue Vanilla Swing Dress*

 dress- blue vanilla, shirt- topshop, hat- river island, bag- primark, boots- zara

I'm finally back in London! and arrived back to a lovely parcel from Blue Vanilla. Im wearing the Susanna grey swing dress. I think it's so versatile, the dress is only £15(!) easily affordable for something that can be worn in so many different ways.

(click here to see their website!)

I travel a lot, around London and back to Winchester every weekend too. I picked up this holdall a while back but never got round to posting it. Would you believe it was £12 from Primark?! It's a great size and fits everything I need for a few days away. I wear easy throw on outfits like this a lot while travelling (usually opting for more practical shoes). So i'll definitely be purchasing more pieces similar to this dress that are comfortable and can be styled in so many ways.

Happy Tuesday xx

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Topshop layered dress OOTD

dress- topshop, cardigan- acne, bag- zara, boots- river island

I bought this super cute dress for my boyfriends mums birthday party and was planning on selling it straight away- I bought it last minute and wan't 100% sold. It's also a size 10 petite as I was just that desperate to buy a new dress (oops).

but its really grown on me! I forgot to photograph the back which has a lovely open spilt. I was thinking it's fairly easy to throw on for warm summer days.
I've paired it with some chunky boots and my fav Acne cardigan for now and I'm starting to love it!

Happy Saturday! xx

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Wardrobe Pieces

Struggling with my transition to a spring wardrobe (tricky when 90% of my wardrobe consists of black jeans and heavy jumpers)! I've been using Polyvore to pick out some favourite new pieces-more neutral colours and lighter fabrics.

All items can be found here!

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iflorist tulips*

If you follow me on instagram or twitter you'll know that I absolutely love flowers. I'll always keep them around for myself and love buying them for other people too. I'm lucky enough to have a boyfriend who knows this as well, so he'll always make sure I have a fresh bunch!I was thrilled to receive these beautiful tulips from iFlorist. They were delivered to my house in London so my housemates have been looking after them for me whilst i'm away.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of iFlorist, it’s an easy way to get flowers delivered. Along side the option to add on extras and personalise greeting cards.There are so many different options, all very reasonably priced. I picked these beautiful pink and white tulips that sit perfectly in my room. Even better these are currently reduced on the website!They're a great website to use for birthdays and special occasions when you can't give someone a gift directly. (I’ll definitely be using the website again for my mums upcoming birthday).It’s so refreshing keeping flowers around, I think it instantly brightens up a room and they're so beautiful to look at! I go through phases of which I pick as my favourites depending on seasons, but currently it’s definitely between peonies and anemones! I’ll usually keep them in jars and milk bottles, but I’m looking for some bigger vases at the moment- just can’t seem to find any I love.I’ve been so busy recently I’ve not even been posting anywhere that much, a lot of family events and odd jobs i’ve been seeing to, but I’m heading back to London Sunday to get a head start on my next and final project before I go to Uni. I’ve had about 6 weeks off for easter so I’m looking forward to getting back into working.

Happy Thursday! xx
(also big thanks to Georgia for the photos!)

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Duster coat & sliders OOTD

 coat- h&m, top- reiss, jeans- asos, shoes- primark, bag- zara

I picked up these sliders in Primark a couple weeks back, I think for £3 they are an amazing price (plus they come in both black and white). However I've worn them once and have completely torn up my feet. So bad that I've not been able to wear them again since, if anyones found a solution to this I'd love to hear!

Happy Monday xx

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Audrey Krako Photography: Postcards*

 I love Audrey's work, I think her style is so refreshing and fun. I've added in a couple of my favourite pieces of her work but click here to see more. Even her business cards are beaut!

She has recently released sets of postcards available to purchase on her website, was so excited for mine to arrive! If you've been following my blog for a while (and can remember) I just love postcards, and will collect them wherever I can. The more artsy and beautiful the better.

I use them them for inspiration, bookmarks and frame quite a few. The Leaf postcards are gorgeous quality and perfect colours! 

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