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Pattern Cutting/ Womens Wear Design Portfolio

As a fashion student of many years I thought I should really be sharing more of my own work. I graduated from LCF this year with a Foundation Degree in Designer Pattern Cutting, after joining the FDA (foundation) course they opened it as a BA and so obviously the big Uni lover I am I applied and joined the second year so: 1. I get to be a student for 2 more years and 2. I can complete my BA!

The project we've just finished we were given a small selection of brands to choose from and we would design a collection as if we we're working for said company. I obviously picked my favourite CĂ©line (Phoebe Philo is my absolute idol).

Normally how our design works is we pick a concept that runs throughout our collection and then maybe 1 or 2 inspirations that 'inspire' designs/colours/fabrics, all that good stuff. This term I focused on two womens (Frida Kahlo and Katherine Hepburn) as my collection inspiration.

The photos above are essentially a very compressed portfolio. Starting off with mood boards/ concepts/ idea and research. Developing colour and fabrics. Then the main bulk of the portfolio is design development, then onto technical presentation boards and a line up!

Happy Sunday! xx

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