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DIY Concrete Stool

I have 100% fallen in love with concrete homeware, so I turned to the DIY realms of Pinterest, I got my boyfriend involved and as he's currently collating furniture for his new flat he was keen to try and make this style of stool.
 We found this step by step guide on and had after 2 failed attempts it worked! and the entire project cost about £15 (not including my new priceless stool making knowledge).

The guide we followed was really great, although here's a few helpful tips we learnt from failed attempts:
1. We bought this type of cement from Wicks, the first type of concrete we tried was a brown/grey colour and not really what we were after. (We used the entire 5kg bucket to make the top).

2. Make sure your water measurements are accurate!! (think we used too much water on one attempt and it crumbled to pieces when we tried to pull it out).

3. Mix thoroughly! and be quick! this stuff is fast setting so don't hang around with putting the legs in. (We managed to ruin one attempt from trying to straighten the legs after a few minutes of the cement setting, the cement wasn't tight enough to the legs and they could be pulled out after it was dry).

4. To get it out the bucket, we found the best way was to turn the stool the right way up (after a few days of drying) and push the edges around the top (kind of like if you're building a sandcastle). With a lot a patience it'll eventually come out, without having to pull the legs.

After all this I think it's a cute little interior piece! It's nice for my boyfriend to say 'I made that' as well as it looking great. It won't be used for anything practical, it'll probably have a plant or books styled on it. Overall fairly easy and very cheap, would love to try out a couple more with different length legs and pastel shades at the ends as well!

Happy Wednesday! xx

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  1. This looks so great and for such a good price! I can't even imagine what you would pay on Etsy or somewhere similar for this sort of thing! I wish I was crafty enough to make this but the thought of me let loose with concrete... it couldn't possibly end well.

    Grace | eat, write + explore x



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