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How to make your Peonies last longer

Since it's Peony season again and my insta feed is becoming flooded with photos of them (not that I'm complaining, I love them!) I thought I'd post a few handy tips that help your cut Peonies last longer.

1. Like when buying any bunch of flowers, clean cut the end of the stems at a angle and stick them in water asap (cold water helps with longevity with Peonies) also make sure you cut off any leaves that sit below the water.

2. The warmer the room/water the fast the flower bud opens. I'll sometimes move my peonies downstairs to the kitchen at night where it's noticeably much cooler in my house.

3. Make sure they have enough water and change it every couple of days, you can also re-cut the end of the stem before you put them back into clean water. It helps them drink more!

4. Flower food is great to add to the water (if they don't come with food just make sure you change the water regularly!).

I bought mine from a flower wholesaler just outside of Eastleigh (if you're a south UK local you should defs check it out!). I picked up 20 for £15, but the cheapest I have seen yet is Lidl selling 5 stems for £3, which is SO good!

Hope this may help with making your flowers last as long as possible! 
Happy Thursday xx

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