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DIY Pinterest Worthy Candles

Bringing you a super quick and easy DIY idea today! I love a beautiful and simple design on a candle, but these often come with the kind of price tag that makes your skin crawl at the thought of forgetting to blow them out and hours later finding you've accidentally burnt £40 worth of candle.

I have a lot of these simple white candles spread around my room from Tesco, and only £1! They come with a sticker on the front I always peel off. They're a great base to stick on your own design.

What you'll need:
1. Printable sticker paper (I ordered this from amazon, it came with 10 sheets of A4)
2. Any plain candle of choice, here are the style I've used (I'd advise only using candles that come in a glass container, may not be very safe without!)
3. An A4 printer

I've been playing around with my graphics tablet to create the designs on the candles above. I found it so fun putting a page of ideas together, some of the images I just grabbed straight from my Pinterest. There are so many different designs you could make, some of the stickers I'm also going to use on notebooks and stationary, so fancy!
Once I'd put the document together and printed it onto the sticker paper, it just cut them out and stuck them on. They're so easy to make I had to share!

Hope you're having a great week, if you like my posts make sure you're following me on bloglovin. It's so easy just follow the bloglovin button in my side bar, it's much easier to see everything I post first!)
Olivia xx

P.s Does anyone know if I can order basic candles like these with more fragrant scents? I'm preferably after either Fig/Jasmine/Sandlewood, so then these labels are a bit more apt!

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  1. Just found your wonderful blog from Claudia over at Beauty & The Chic and I'm so glad I did!

    These candles are such a good idea.... I think I'll be trying them out for myself.

    Fee x



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