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Maxi Coat OOTD

 Lots of new pieces going on in this outfit, I bought myself this coat, body and shoes over the past few days, loving all of them! Also (finally) updated my cross body bag with this Zara beaut, one of my favourite Christmas presents. Luckily having a blog comes in handy when your boyfriend wants ideas for gifts!
How great are these Gucci esq flats?! My last bargain buy of 2016, these babies where £8 from Primark!

coat - Misguided
body- Misguided
bag - Zara
trousers - Topshop
shoes - Primark

Hope you've all had a fabulous Christmas and great start to 2017. Thank to everyone who's continued to support my blog throughout 2016, hope to see you all next year!
Olivia xx

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NYE Outfit Ideas

Merry Christmas! 
(I've brought posting this forward a little, I'm terrified items will start going out of stock before it went live.)
I love outfit planning just as much as the next style obsessive and new years eve is one of the best nights to plan for, mostly because excessive glitter is acceptable even if you're staying in. I've put together a few outfit ideas, from a fancy smart casual to some killer NYE out-outfits.
I used polypore to put the outfits together, for actual product details they're all listed here & here. Below I've listed hughstreet alternatives that are much easier to get your hands on.
outfit one:
jacket- Mango
skirt- Missguided
boots- (alternative, Zara, Asos)
clutch- (alternative, New Look)

outfit two:
dress: Warehouse
bag: Gucci (alternative, Asos)
heels: Boohoo

outfit three:
cami: (alternative, River Island)
bra: (alternative, Boohoo)
skirt: Ralph Lauren (Misguided had a fab alternative but sold out before I could post!)
heels: (alternative, Misspap)
outfit four:
playsuit- (alternative, Asos, Asos)
bag- (alternative, Asos)
boots- (alternative, Misspap)

outfit five:
dress- Boohoo (alternative, Boohoo)
shoes- EGO (alternative, Asos)
rings- (alternative, Asos)

outfit six:
cami- H&M
trousers- (alternative, Asos)
necklace- (alternative, Asos)
mules- Topshop
clutch- (alternative, Asos)

Hope this helped if you're a little stuck on what to wear, 
Olivia xx

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Pink Faux Fur OOTD

I have been dyinggg to blog about this coat. I haven't loved an item of clothing in such a long time. I've also never had so many people stop me and ask where it's from! It's utterly gorgeous! I've been pairing it with all black outfits so far but I'm definitely going to try being a little bit more adventurous soon.

Coat - Misspap (Use code 'OLIVIAH10' for 10% off!)
Jumper Dress (tucked in) - J.D.Y via Asos
Bag - Stradivarius
Coated jeans - River Island
Boots - Zara (similar here)

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What's In My Bag

I am a collective hoarder of (what I would call) 'nice stuff', most of this stuff accumulates in my everyday bag. Like a lot of style lovers I do like most of this 'stuff' to be coherent (note the pink tones throughout!). The bag i'm using most at the moment is this faux leather Misguided bucket bag. It's a fab size, fits all the bits above and even my big SLR camera, when I'm off out to shoot blog photos.

1. Is my Whistles purse. I don't usually carry cash or change on me so this is a great size for my cards & train tickets.
2. Compact mirror, mine is from Chanel and was a gift I've had for about 4 years now, does the job and still looks cute.
3. My organiser keeps me from falling apart. I am always writing to-do lists and organising my uni work and emails, it's all kept in here.
4. Frends headphones, are a necessity. I commute to London from Winchester about 3/4 times a week during term time so I spend a huge amount of time on trains, tubes and walking to different sites.

5. I only recently picked up this Pearlessence oil but I use it all the time. I mix in it with my foundation, I use it on my hair and as a body oil. I'm not too keen on the Rosehip scent I have, but the product itself is great and I take it everywhere.
6. Pink/nude nail varnish from H&M, the shade is called 'Milky Tea'. I'm actually wearing it in the 3rd photo!
7. My hand cream from Aesop, has an amazing citrus smell and I love the packaging.
8. I switch between different lipsticks all the time but currently using my ABH liquid lipstick in 'Dolce'.

9. I am never without a watch, my all time favourite is this black face & rose gold from Kapten & Son.
10. Sunglasses. During the winter I tend to only wear big chunky frames, this Celine-esq pair is from Zero UV.
11. I always carry business cards from cute cafes, important info and brands. If I ever need some inspo of where to shop or eat, these really help!
12. What would I do without my portable charger, this one looks fab and does the job.

(I've also noticed I forgot to include my phone in half these shots because I was using it!! Send help). 
I've tried to link what I can still find online, hope you enjoyed this look into what I carry round with me!

Happy Tuesday! 
Olivia x

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3 Easy Winter Cocktails

So today marks the official 12 day count down to Christmas and whilst I’m still to start shopping for presents I have put together a few Christmassy cocktail ideas I hope you love!

They’re all gin based, I used Bombay. They’re also really easy to make, I had all these ingredients in my kitchen cupboards!

Spiced Pear Fizz
Double shot of Gin
40ml of fresh lemon juice
30ml of pear sugar syrup (see ingredients below)
200ml of soda water1 large egg white
2 star anise to garnish

200ml of water
200g of sugar
1 pear
2 star anise

Directions:To make the sugar syrup mix the water, sugar, pear (cored and cut into cubes) and star anise in a pan and bring to simmer on a medium heat. Take off heat and leave to cool. Once cool strain out the spices and pear.Add the gin, lemon juice, pear sugar syrup and egg whites into a cocktail shaker and shake for 20 seconds or so and strain into a glass. Top with soda water and garnish with star anise.

Hot Winter Gin
Double shot of Gin
1 table spoon of honey
30ml of fresh lemon juice
2 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
Orange or lemon to garnish

Directions:Add the gin, honey and lemon juice to a glass. Top with hot water and stir until the honey is melted. Pop in your cinnamon stick and cloves, and orange to garnish.

Mulled Apple & Orange
Double shot of Gin
100ml of orange juice
100ml of apple juice
2 cloves
Pear & orange to garnish

Directions:Heat the orange and apple juice in a pan with the cloves on a medium-low heat.Pour gin into a glass and add the juices and store together. Garnish with orange and pear slice.

Bet you didn't think these drinks would be so simple, they’re fab for Christmas gatherings. I am by no means a gin connoisseur BUT I do love a good cocktail. If I can manage to make these 3 cocktails all without any stress they must be fool proof!

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December Wish list

8. Silver hoop choker - Misspap (use code 'OLIVIAH10' for 10% off Misspap!)

Long time no post! I am finished with uni for Christmas and finally have the time to get back into blogging again (woohoo!). I've put together a little wish list post of some fabulous pieces I'm lusting after. I feel like a lot of my wardrobe staples have been well loved and desperately need an upgrade, like this cross body Zara bag- how cute! (plus the front is detachable). Also have a thing for pink tones recently, the crushed velvet set is such a dream!

I've got lots of new posts coming soon so make sure you're up to date by following me on Bloglovin!

Happy Sunday,
Olivia xx

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