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Knitwear Co-ord

How does everyone feel about knitwear co-ords? I love them. I posted about an Asos jumper dress a few months back and I get the same kind of vibes from this Miss Bardo set. I either pair them with trainers or boots. Can you believe it's only £20 for the jumper and skirt! Paired with the velvet boots and faux leather it's a very ~me~ outfit. 

jacket- Zara
boots- Zara
bag- Zara

Am I the only one who has given up with even starting new years resolutions? The last few years I've always just felt if I wanted to improve an aspect of myself or my life I'll just do it then and there. 

I was actually asked at a nye party what my resolution was and to avoid sounding conceited I just gave a generic response of 'trying to eat healthier', might not have gone down to well if I actually replied with 'I made so many positive changes in the last 18 months I don't feel there's anything I want to drastically change'. Could you imagine!!

Of course I'd love to eat less crisps and drink more water but I'm a big believer in moderation. (Maybe that's why I look particularly cheerful in this set of photos because I headed out to eat nachos straight after!) My heart has just never been in resolutions, although I wish I was one of these people that it worked for! I would love to hear any success stories, maybe I'm doing it all wrong haha.

Happy Sunday, 
Olivia xx

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  1. simple and classic, i like it :)

  2. I love this coord and for just £20? Bargain! I like how you have paired this with ankle boots but can also wear casually. So agree with you on the nyr, I'm not for them either lol �� Nice post!




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