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Top 5 Highstreet Makeup picks

I've recently really cut down on the amount of time I spend on my makeup. I really love quick and effortless makeup. I go for light-medium coverage, a dewy/glowy finish and all neutral colours. All these products are £10 or less and are staples in my makeup bag. The past year I've swapped over to only using cruelty free cosmetics so none of these products have been tested on animals either!
 I've used this product for yearsss. If I ever try out a new foundation this is what I always end up coming back too. A medium coverage that's really build-able. What I love the most is it's dewiness, I can really layer it on without it getting cakey (which is amazing!).

I was using a super pale concealer under my eyes for the past couple years and I've recently moved onto this one from Elf. I have used the conceal and highlight duo from Elf before and it was really poor. However the HD lifting concealer, I love. From the very similar packaging I'm presuming the formula is meant to be similar to the Nars creamy concealer (I'm just guessing here). It's lovely and dewy, which is what I really look for in my base make-up. It also has good coverage for a more lightweight and bendable concealer. A downside: the colour range is sparse. I use Fair, which is the lightest and it's too dark for me without a tan!

 A very natural highlight stick, which gives a gorgeous golden glowy sheen. I didn't love this product at first when I was using a brush to blend out, but as soon as I used my fingers instead it was just the product I needed!

I've got such fair eyebrows I used to only used to use a eyebrow pomade and really draw on a defined shape. However, I've been growing them out for the past 8 months and (although very blonde) I have eyebrows again! I've been using mostly just this brow product on them for a more natural feel.

This product was revolutionary for me not only did it match my naturally very ashy hair tone but I just can't fault it. A third of the price of dip brow and I have no plans on upgrading. I used to use this all over my brows but now just to fill in sparse patches and to add definition. 
Thanks for reading!
Olivia xx

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