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Ebay Fashion Finds

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my Insta Story from a couple days ago, I shared a few of my recent favourite eBay fashion finds that are crazy cheap and I had really positive feedback which was fab!

First of all if you've never shopped from wholesalers on eBay here's a few things to keep in mind...

1. If you're paying ridiculously low prices, don't expect too much from the quality.
2. Accessories (sunglasses, jewellery, bags) are usually the most accurate to the photos, clothing can be hit or miss.
3. I try to only buy items that are shipped from the UK (or which ever country you're based in) as there's less of a chance of a parcel going missing, postage is usually free and it arrives much quicker!
4. For clothing read the measurements provided in the listing. The sizes are usually Chinese not UK, and will come up super tiny if you don't check your measurements and order the correct size.

I can't guarantee that these items are going to be identical to the photos. It's very similar to ordering from shops like Shein, Romwe and SammyDress. These sellers will often use photos of the garment theirs was copied from. If I order something I try to keep my expectations quite low, just to save disappointment. Saying that, most of the time I'm really pleased with items I've ordered!

What I love the most about these eBay finds are it's really easy to try out a trend if you're unsure if it's for you or not. I ordered myself a pink beret last week for £2.99 (including postage!) I've seen them listed for upwards of £10 on Asos and Topshop. If you're worried you won't wear it more than a couple times, this is a really great way of trying it out and not feeling you've wasted a lot of money.

Anyway, here's my best finds at the moment. All the links are at the bottom. I hope it's helpful!
Olivia xx

(left to right)
1. Sheer star top, £4.99 -
2. Corduroy trousers, £12.49 -
3. Button blouse, £8.99 -

4. Chunky cat eye sunglasses, £5.99 -
5. Lace bra, £2.99 -
6. Side stripe trousers, £4.55 -

7. Bardo white top, £6.99 -
8. Beret, £2.99 -
9. No Bra Club top, £2.99 -

10. Stripe top, £6.89 -
11. Velvet trousers, £12.86 -
12. Face earrings, £2.59 -

13. Metal cat eye sunglasses, £3.69 -
14. Saint Pablo tour merch, £19.99 -
15. Small bag, £10.70 -

16. Wide leg trousers, £7.25 -
17. Corduroy jacket, £13.56 -
18. Faux fur bag, £12.99 -

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