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Christmas Decor Inspo

Happy December! How quickly has this year gone?! Luckily Christmas month, aka December is my favourite time of year. To ease you into the first of my Christmas content, here's a little post to give you some ideas on some festive DIYs!
I love having a home filled with plants and flowers. Gathering twigs, pine cones & leaves is fun and free. Finding the right branches that can then be spray painted and decorated look beautiful & subtle, perfect decoration for a hallway or kitchen. I'm also planning on painting some pine cones and temporarily replacing the fruit in the fruit bowl with some white tipped cones!
I love wrapping when it comes to gift giving and not just at Christmas! Although I feel this time of year it's that little bit more acceptable to really go all out with the glitter and pom poms. Here's a few easy example I love. Personally I'm a big fan of brown paper and it's usually my go to. I always doodle some snowflakes or add cut out white paper silhouettes of trees or stags (this was last years wrapping). Another little tip is snipping small branches off the back of your Christmas tree and give it a little snow spray (I think I buy mine from Hobby Craft), I tuck these underneath the twine I've used on each gift.

Last year was the first year I decorated for Christmas with full control of all the decorations. Luckily my boyfriend just lets me get on with it! We have really similar taste and as long as not everything is super feminine he likes it haha (oh the fragile male ego). Anyway, all of these images above can easily be made at home. Grab yourself some crafting card and give Pinterest a good search. Pinterest is full of amazing ideas, how lovely are the decorations in the middle?! I also think good old fashioned paper snowflakes can look super chic, I love how they're hung in the last photo! I will definitely be making some paper garlands the line the hallway with.

Thanks for reading!
Olivia xx

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