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Blogger Chat #2, 2018 Goals

The latter half of 2017 had some big changes for me, I had my final graduation from uni which after 4 years studying at LCF and 3 years before that studying fashion at college I felt really ready to move on. After finishing I took a few months off for myself, the first time in years with no deadlines! August, September & October I travelled alongside blogging and had a amazing end to 2017. 

Since then I’ve been working for a fashion label in London (have a read of my get to know me post if you’re interested in what I actually do!). I’ve actually found that because I have less time to blog and create my own content, I have more motivation to really work and improve it. I always want to create interesting reads and images and do feel torn over the quality vs quantity battle.

Indoor pictures are quick and straight forward for me, but I don't feel they’re the most inspiring. I love finding a location that really puts an outfit into context. I’m trying to find a good balance of creating a weeks worth of content in two days, which means a lot of bribing of my family and friends to be photographer. I’m really trying to post what I would want to see rather than what’s easiest that day.
I feel like I’m getting to where I want to be with my content, I’m never 100% happy but I think thats kind of normal!

Matt and I are planning on moving later this year and having the opportunity to move anywhere is really liberating, It’ll 99% be back to London. I’ve thought about Manchester or even abroad, I’d love to live in Amsterdam or Stockholm for a little while. 

So what are my goals for 2018…

  • I want to be constantly improving my blogging content. Always challenging myself and learning something to improve. 
  • I want to move somewhere I feel inspires me. Plus Matt really wants a garden haha but I know that would be one more excuse to adopt a dog! (As much as I want to adopt all the dogs everyday I won’t be until my lifestyle would suit having one).
  • I’d love to do some freelance art direction. At the moment I’m really enjoying digital marketing and content creation so feel that would be the next organic step for me!

I wonder if my goals will change throughout the year! For now this is what I’m working towards day to day.

Thanks for reading! As always, message my on Instagram @olivia_wh if you want to chat about anything I’ve discussed in this post, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Olivia xx

jumper- All Saints (similar here)
belt- H&M
jeans- AG Jeans*
boots- 4th and Reckless* (similar here)
earrings- Primark (similar here)

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Underwear as Outerwear

With Valentines/ Galentines next week, Boohoo set me the challenge of styling up a piece of their lingerie in an 'underwear as outerwear' outfit, and I love putting posts together like this!

My first thought was lace body and high waisted jeans, but 1) it's freezing out, 2) I already own/wear outfits like that so wanted to try something a little different'. I picked out a simple (and super comfy) bra over a basic white tee, velvet trousers and black beret. I love a monochrome outfit, and always appreciate comfortable clothing too. Like these trousers! I don't think my photos do the velvet trousers enough justice but I'm loving them, also seriously lusting after the matching blazer, think that would be such a great combo!

Whether you're wearing your underwear over or under this Valentines I'm a big advocate for TREATING YO SELF. If you're looking for a lil treat (cause you is worth it chica) I've included my favourite lingerie picks from Boohoo too!


jacket: missguided*
top: boohoo*
bra: boohoo*
trousers: boohoo*
sunglasses: missguided* (alternative here)
hat: boohoo*
bag: primark

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Get To Know Me

Two lovely ladies Georgia and Tami (@glameramo@tmbrxo) recently tagged me in the facts about you tag on Insta stories. So to get myself back into the blogging swing I thought I'd use the opportunity to put a lil post together! Here's me summed up in 10 random facts!

1. Although I've lived in Winchester for years I'm actually a northerner, I'm originally from Liverpool but sadly lost most of my accent (but not the sense of humour heh heh).

2. I have a super smart black lab called Pig, we adopted her off a lady who couldn't look after her anymore. She was enormously overweight and her real name is actually Cassie, we kept the name as she was 18 months when we got her (a little too old to change), but due to her very greedy nature she goes by Pig too haha!

3. I'm a horror junkie, both films and books, I'm totally obsessed. Silent Hill has always been one of my faves, but The Babadook, The Blair Witch Project & Pans Labyrinth are also in my top 5.

4. I've recently moved in with my boyfriend into his flat in Southampton, we've been together 2 years now. Surprisingly as much as I nag him for not managing to get his dirty clothes in the wash basket, we never argue. I think we've had about 2 arguments since we've been together. This is totally down to him being such a genuinely nice and chilled guy.

5. I'm a massive introvert. I love my own company and I don't think i've ever felt 'lonely' being on my own. Blogging is such a great way for us introverts to connect with other cool blogging gals and boys without being completely overwhelmed.

6. I can play the piano. Weirdly I come from a pretty musical family, myself, my parents and siblings can all play at least one instrument.

7. I have an enormous family. My Grandma (aka my favourite person in the world) is Irish so the list of cousins are endless.

8. I've been a vegetarian for 13 years, but I'm still a big foodie. I could eat Pizza & Mexican all day every day.

9. When I was younger my dream job was to 'be Lara Croft', I thought she was super badass!

10. Alongside blogging I work as a social media manager for a fashion label in London. I run the social medias, create content, manage influencer outreach, image retouching etc etc.


earrings- eBay


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