10 Christmas Gifts for £50 with TKMaxx

*AD – sponsored  post*

I’m really excited to talk about great value gifting in this post today in partnership with one of my favourite stores, TKMaxx. They set me the challenge of seeing what gifts I could buy for £50 and boy did I do well. I pop into my local store at least once a week so I’m always quite familiar with what kind of products and brands are in store at that time. Product doesn’t hang about in TKMaxx and often when it’s gone, it’s gone! Which is why I like to browse so regularly, there’s always lots of new and different stock in.

I usually start with beauty because it’s where I seem to spend the most time browsing. There’s always so many great brands I find it’s great way to try out something new- I’ve discovered and tested some of my holy grail oils, face masks and brushes in the beauty section!

I then normally go onto jewellery and accessories, which is a great place for gifts. They stock a good range of price points so you can really work to any budget. The earrings I’ve featured above I picked up for RRP £24.99 but I only paid £4.99 for them, and they’re gorgeous!

I’m really lucky that my local TKMaxx recently refurbished their home section and created an entire new floor for it. Oh boy it’s great for home accessories. I always check out the candle aisle, you can never go wrong with a candle or a diffuser- I can promise you they have something for everyone. I actually picked up the salt rock candle holder as a gift from me to me! Jokes aside I’ve been after one for over a year and for £6.99 I couldn’t leave it.

A piece I was really impressed by was the two pairs of socks, at 25 years old I’m really starting to appreciate practical (but still stylish) gifts. There’s always lots of plush lounge socks, I kind of new before hand that I wanted to pick some up but wasn’t sure I’d find any that were vegan friendly. Low and behold my expectations where exceeded again, and I found the pair I’ve included above. They’re exactly what I didn’t know I was after, and that’s what I love about TKMaxx.

I always recommend a TKMaxx browse, as you’ll never know what kind of savings you’ll make. What I found going in specifically looking for gifts was just how versatile the store is. There really is a gift for everyone and it’s all in one place. If you’re someone that likes to be efficient with how you do your Christmas shopping and (like me) always regret not dedicating one day to picking up the majority of gifts I’d highly recommend giving your local TKMaxx a go.

Olivia x