7 Vegan Skincare Brands You Need To Know

I’m really excited to be sharing this list with you today. I’ve been keeping note of some really fab skincare brands over that past few months to put this post together. All the brands listed below are 100% vegan and cruelty free, which is amazing right? I’ve briefly talked about why I love them click on each title to go straight to their website if you fancy having a look at these brands for yourself!


W A B I – S A B I  B O T A N I C A L S

Firstly, I fell in love with the beautiful illustrations on the packaging. However I then went on to read that the core ethos of the brand is about sustainability. Wabi-Sabi only source ingredients that pay fair wages as well 10% of profits is invested in loans that help women across the world, giving them the opportunity to start their own businesses.


V A L E N T I A  A R T I S A N  S K I N C A R E

Using all natural ingredients Valentia is a brand passionate about pure skin care with no artificial preservatives. On a mission to create the cleanest skin care line they also support Change for Women by being a part of the Change for Women Collective.


F I G S  &  R O U G E

I recently discovered Figs & Rouge when the lovely Beth (from @pagesfrombeth) shared the brand on her Instagram. I just loved the pink and gold branding and when she mentioned it was also cruelty free and vegan I was sold. All products are made and formulated in the UK, how fab!


T O W N  &  A N C H O R

Firstly the Town & Anchor branding is unreal, their website and Instagram are just so beautiful. They have a concise collection of skin essentials- hand crafted, 100% natural with zero waste!



Crafted in small batches in South Korea. Beigic is another natural skincare brand that are against using drying alcohols, parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes and silicones. Simple and beautiful products.


A P T O  S K I N C A R E 

Apto is a really fun and affordable skincare brand. Clean skincare with a real passion about natural ingredients, lots of lovely masks, mists and exfoliants I’m desperate to try!


M A I S O N  M E U N I E R

Maison Meunier is a really lovely brand based in Manchester. I love the simple products with a real focus on what’s inside! The cleansing bar above looks incredible, for only £5 with great reviews this is on my to-try list too!