2018 Goals

The latter half of 2017 had some big changes for me, I had my final graduation from uni which after 4 years studying at LCF and 3 years before that studying fashion at college I felt really ready to move on. After finishing I took a few months off for myself, the first time in years with no deadlines! August, September & October I travelled alongside blogging and had a amazing end to 2017. 
Since then I’ve been working for a fashion label in London (have a read of my get to know me post if you’re interested in what I actually do!). I’ve actually found that because I have less time to blog and create my own content, I have more motivation to really work and improve it. I always want to create interesting reads and images and do feel torn over the quality vs quantity battle.
Indoor pictures are quick and straight forward for me, but I don’t feel they’re the most inspiring. I love finding a location that really puts an outfit into context. I’m trying to find a good balance of creating a weeks worth of content in two days, which means a lot of bribing of my family and friends to be photographer. I’m really trying to post what I would want to see rather than what’s easiest that day.
I feel like I’m getting to where I want to be with my content, I’m never 100% happy but I think thats kind of normal!
Matt and I are planning on moving later this year and having the opportunity to move anywhere is really liberating, It’ll 99% be back to London. I’ve thought about Manchester or even abroad, I’d love to live in Amsterdam or Stockholm for a little while. 
So what are my goals for 2018…
  • I want to be constantly improving my blogging content. Always challenging myself and learning something to improve. 
  • I want to move somewhere I feel inspires me. Plus Matt really wants a garden haha but I know that would be one more excuse to adopt a dog! (As much as I want to adopt all the dogs everyday I won’t be until my lifestyle would suit having one).
  • I’d love to do some freelance art direction. At the moment I’m really enjoying digital marketing and content creation so feel that would be the next organic step for me!
I wonder if my goals will change throughout the year! For now this is what I’m working towards day to day.
Thanks for reading! As always, message my on Instagram @olivia_wh if you want to chat about anything I’ve discussed in this post, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 
Olivia xx
sunglasses- South Beach via Asos
jumper- All Saints (similar here)
coat- Missguided*
belt- H&M
jeans- AG Jeans*
boots- 4th and Reckless* (similar here)
earrings- Primark (similar here)