H&M Home Wishlist

Affiliate links used.

face vase – £19.99
beach towel – £8.99
linen napkins – £3.99
cushion one – £12.99
cushion two – £12.99
jute runner rug – £24.99
wooden chopping board – £12.99
hanging wood frames – £12.99
seat cushion – £3.99
jute basket – £12.99
plant pot – £8.99
soap dish – £6.99
waffle throw – £24.99

It’s been a little while since I put one of these posts together. I was originally working on a second Amazon interiors post but to be completely honest I just haven’t been able to find enough pieces to fill a whole post! However, I have really been wanting to talk about H&M home. We all know H&M Home is on the more affordable end of the interior spectrum, but today I’ve scoured the site and really picked out the pieces I feel are great value for money. Most of these pieces I’ve had my eye on for a while now, for example I can’t find a seat cushion for cheaper than the one I’ve included here, literally anywhere on the internet! I’ve been after a couple for our balcony and they are by far the nicest colour range and best price. Along with if you’re after anything linen- bedding, napkins, table cloths. The best value for money and colour range for linen products is hands down H&M. I won’t go into too much detail as to why each of these pieces are great but I’ve specifically chosen a really good selection of amazingly priced products!

Olivia xx