Indoor Blogging Photography Tips

Living in Southampton I’m not as spoilt for choice location wise as I would be in London for shooting outdoors. I love shooting content in my own home but in the two bed new build flat we live in it can be so difficult to get the right aesthetics that I’m after. I wanted to share some of my tips and how I take my own indoor blogging pictures!

99% of the indoor imagery I post on both my Instagram and Blog I’ve shot myself. It does takes patience and a little practise but I actually much prefer shooting on my own now. The only equipment I use is a tripod and a 2013 entry level DSLR. You absolutely do not need to spend thousands to shoot some cute content as a blogger. Although I won’t deny that top of the range cameras are an absolute dream and quality is insane but please don’t let that put you off!

  1. Utilise your natural light
    I don’t use any professional lighting, not to say it’s not worth it but personally I much prefer to shoot with just natural light when photographing lifestyle imagery. I shot these photos earlier today at around 4pm. It has been pretty overcast and miserable all day so I knew this lighting was the best I was gonna get. I set up next to a window for these shots = brightest light. Recognised the direction of where the light source was coming from and thought about the shadows that would be cast. Facing the light directly is always the most fail safe when your camera is on a self timer as the shadows cast on your face are minimal and usually the most flattering!
  2. Be imaginative with your space
    I love styling corners of my home and when I’m shooting that’s no exception. For these shots the print is propped in front of my TV and I’m sat on a stool we use as a plant stand! I set up my camera and tripod and re-jig things around to suit the frame best. Sometimes shots work lovely as they are and sometimes I swap props around the change things up or work better for a specific angle.
  3. Mix up your shots
    Mixing up the style of shots can be so effective and it’s SUCH a simple little tip. It can make one static set up ten times more interesting visually. Photograph multiple angles, close ups, play around with the depth of field. One of my favourite aesthetic hacks at the moment is holding flowers up close to the lens, just on the edge on the frame. It’s SO weird typing that out and I sound insane but it gives a lovely ‘out of focus-in the foreground’ element to portraits and product shots.
  4. Prep your inspo
    I always plan ahead what I want to shoot, that might seem unnecessary but it really lets me make the most of my time knowing exactly what I want to achieve! Even just having a scroll through your fave Pinterest board you might see some images that could give you new ideas or a new style of editing inspiration!

Hope I’ve shared something useful with you today!

Olivia x