Life Update Wearing Organic Basics

Hi friends! I had the most beautiful parcel arrive today from OrganicBasics and I just really wanted to include the pieces in this post. They’re a really cool brand that make sustainable basics that are also hella comfy. Plus their branding and packaging is so beautiful!
bra – Organic Basics*
briefs – Organic Basics*
t shirt – Organic Basics*
So onto the life update, I’ve made some changes recently I so excited out…
1. I’ve joined the gym, which is a pretty big deal as I’ve been very much ‘yuk, exercise.. pass the red wine’ for most of my life. Matt and I are going on holiday to Thailand in a few weeks and I’d just like to be a little more in shape for it.  So I’m now doing 4 HIIT classes a week and cardio most days (can you tell I don’t do things by halves lol). Along with that I’ve cut out refined sugars and dairy for the moment too (note the soy milk coffee in the photos haha) and oh my god I feel so much better for it, a lot less bloated and just generally have so much more energy.
2. I have gone freelance! Blogging has been 50% of my work life since I graduated last year and the other half of the week I’m a social media manager, now freelance! It’s kind of daunting not having a guaranteed salary but I love what I do and working freelance ticks all the boxes for me.
I’m really striving to live my best life at the moment and really push the content I’m creating. I’m always looking to improve what I’m putting out. For now I’ve got a blog redesign in the works and lots of exciting collaborations coming up!
Olivia xx