Planning Our Move

Image sourced from Pinterest

Matt and I have been planning on moving for some time now, I’ve very briefly mentioned it on my Instagram stories but I didn’t want to jinx the process of selling where we are now. The sale of the flat we’re in now hasn’t completed but inevitably we know moving is something that will happen at some point!

So that means I’ve been able to start looking at new places, we’re planning on renting which I think will give us a little more freedom with trying out new areas to live.
I absolutely love interiors, I’m a complete homebody and having a home that makes me feel inspired is so important. I’m not really planning on buying much new furniture, just focusing more on accessorising with new artwork, bedding, mirrors etc I think will just bring new life to what we already own.
I’ve shared a few pieces below from my current POS (plan of styling lol).

I can’t wait to start bring you along on the process when I have a little more to share. We made our first enquiries yesterday so hopefully it should be too long!

Olivia xx

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