Post University Life


Finishing uni earlier this year was an amazing feeling, I studied womens wear design and pattern cutting at LCF for four years and 2 degrees later I feel like I’m ready to move on.
From the age of 14 I knew I wanted to work in fashion and by 17 I decided I wanted to study pattern cutting at LCF and live in London. After doing all those things I hadn’t planned much further. I collaborated for my final collection and am so proud to be the only pattern cutting student to make the LCF press show for 2017 but it was the most stressful time of my life. The work load and pressure of the show on top of a third year final collection was utterly crippling. I encountered the most vile and awful individuals and I do think stress and money just brings out the worst in people.
I’m so thankful my family, my boyfriend and friends have supported me unconditionally throughout. After all this I took the summer off, enjoyed blogging and travelling. I’ve spent time in Ibiza and Amsterdam, I’ve just come back from LA and Vegas. I definitely needed the time off to just create content and live a normal life again.
So what are my plans for the future? Honestly I don’t really know. I class myself as a creative person, I love to design and make. Job wise there’s a lot of roles I’d love to try out. Having a blog opens doors into social media and PR but I love digitally editing, styling etc etc . So who knows where I’ll end up in the future! I have got plans to move back to London with my boyfriend at some point but I think I’d only do a couple more years of renting there. Matt says he’d like to buy a house with a garden and London house prices put me right off haha. Compared to what he owns in Southampton the difference is CRAZY what you can get for your money out of London.
Anyway!! Just a little life catch up really and thoughts about the future.
Happy Saturday,
Olivia xx
top- Storm & Marie
boots- Public Desire
watch- Cluse*
earrings- Zara
mug- Tiger