Self Care Sundays

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More than ever over the past few months I’ve really put aside time dedicated to self care. For me it’s usually a Sunday and I’ll start the day with stripping the bed, a deep clean of the flat and tidying up rogue piles of paper I’ve been putting off. It really helps me prepare for the next and I go to bed that evening with fresh sheets and more clarity within my space.

After the weekly morning routine I’ll then make time to fake tan, do my nails and spend a little longer trying on some outfits than I usually would in the week. My Sundays are never anything groundbreaking but I think being more mindful about giving yourself the time to do something you enjoy is what gives your brain a little break.

It’s all about doing things that give me a confidence boost and prepping
for a new week feeling as good as possible.

I’ve been so excited to finally share my tanning routine! I’ve been self tanning since I was at school and have made many (very orange) mistakes and tried many (also very orange) tans. I have very fair skin and any attempt at getting a real tan is slim to none, I tried for years when I was younger but have learnt that self tanning is quicker, easier and safer for me personally.

Once a week I use a developing tan I’ve recently been reaching for the Bondi Sands Aero. The Liquid Gold formula is my new favourite! This is the strongest tan I use and I use other gradual/ wash off products throughout the week as a quick top up.

The Tan Luxe The Butter is a super creamy gradual tanner, it’s also one of their vegan friendly formulas! I’ve been using this or the St. Tropez  Purity Gel (not shown in the photos but still a fave of mine). Lastly if you’re after an instant glow but can be washed off The Vita Liberata Tinted Lotion or St. Tropez Dry oil are really great.

I’ll use the 2-3 drops of the St. Moriz tanning drops as fake tan for face a couple times a week. It’s always worked really well for me, fades gradually and never had any problems with patchiness or streaks! To round up the tan chat with a holy grail product of mine- the Bondi Sands tanning mitt. It’s so plush and soft, it’s like having a new foundation buffing brush but for your body. Hands down the best tanning tool I’ve ever used.

All the products mentioned can be found on the boots.com if you’re interesting in trying out them for yourself! However you take time to give yourself a little confidence boost, it’s my biggest self care tip and I swear by it.

Olivia x