Spring Beach Essentials

My entire childhood I’d spend a couple weeks every summer in Ireland visiting family. South West Ireland has weather possibly more temperamental than the UK, we stayed on the coast and spent a lot of time on beaches- rain or shine.

For most people, an ideal beach day is hot & busy. I’ve really learnt to love the opposite. I love going to the beach when the weather is a little miserable, overcast or windy. Usually beaches are completely empty and quiet, and if you’re wrapped up warm it’s great for walks with a flask of coffee!

Last week Matt and I took a drive to Lepe Beach, which is fairly local to us. It was such a lovely spin out, we walked a huge length of the beach and stopped for lunch at a cafe on the seafront.  I wanted to share some essentials that would be perfect to wear/ take with you for a more unconventional day out at the beach. I’ve linked what I can from my outfit below and popped in some similar alternatives for anything not available!

Editing these quick snaps we took has also been so fun. I was really anti Lightroom- I’ve always sweared by Photoshop being all you need. I’m a dab hand with photo manipulation, which can come in handy with blog pictures when you want to edit out some people in the background… but I never really played around with colour too much. Short of desaturating and using a VSCO filter I never felt I needed more.
Lo and behold I’ve discovered how to make my own presets and it has changed my world, editing my own content has become SO quick. Green was always a colour I would avoid when shooting and look at me now haha.

Olivia x

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