Ten Affordable Beauty Buys


I have been so looking forward to putting another one of these posts together. This one is my personal fave bargain beauty finds on Ebay. I’ve tried and tested some of them, and the rest are on my wish list.
As you can guess they’re all very affordable. I have a stone facial roller and to be really honest I wouldn’t pay £26 for a Herbivore roller- but the exact same product for £1.58? Absolutely.

1. Bath Salts
2. Reusable cotton pads
3. Bamboo ear buds
4. Makeup storage
5. Under eye mask
6. Exfoliating gloves
7. Jade Roller
8. Jade Gua Sha
9. Makeup brushes
10. Konjac sponge

So if you don’t shop a lot from Ebay, here’s a couple good tips to know…
If you’re UK based and you’re ordering a product it’s usually the cheapest if it’s being sent from China. The downside is it can take weeks to arrive (some come much quicker than others) and it’s a little easier for things to go missing. You’ll pay a little more if the seller is UK based but it’ll usually be with you within the week. Oh and make sure you read the description box before placing an order, just so you know exactly what you’re getting!

Okay so lets talk a little about the products I’ve listed here. I have the reusable cotton pads, bamboo ear buds, under eye mask, exfoliating gloves & a jade roller. I love all of them! I think the most expensive item in this list is the £8 cotton pads, but I’ve been using mind for a few months now I think and they’re great and have no signs of not lasting years really. The link I’ve added in comes with a little mesh bag which is really great for putting them in the wash!
The gold under eye masks aren’t miracle workers but they’re nice and hydrating also possibly the best value for money product in the list.

I’m planning on ordering some bath salts too soon, I’ve had my eye on the Herbivore jar for a while but for essentially the same product? I’ve got a spare cork top jar I can decant into, it’ll look just a good in my bathroom haha. Do let me know if you have any Ebay beauty finds of your own!

Olivia x