The New Website

At the beginning of January I shared some ~resolutions~ I had. One was to post more on my blog, the goal was just little and often. I faff a lot when writing and editing blog posts and it always takes me longer than it should. Instagram content has replaced traditional blogging, and to be quite honest I’ve just been lazy with keeping my blog up to date over 2018. Just after I spoke about getting back into a regular blogging schedule I kind of realised I didn’t love my blog theme anymore. I’d had it for a few years and wanted to create more of a website rather than a single page blog. Luckily, I have a very cleaver boyfriend who’s a web developer. We’ve spoken about redesigning a new blog for me and I felt it was a good time to take him up on the offer!

Now, in the least biased way… he’s as good as you can get when it comes to building websites and coding. His tech savvy skills honestly blow my mind. I took a rather loose rough sketch of what elements I wanted, the home page carousel, the different pages and widgets etc and he’s built this entire website in about a weeks worth of evenings, honestly he’s an angel.

SO I hope you like the new site! I wanted to make it easier for people to find direct links to everything I feature on my Instagram rather than having to wait for a reply from me. So the shop page is a new feature that allows you to browse all the bits and pieces I love, my wardrobe and even homeware. While still keeping all my blog posts in one place too! I can’t believe how quickly Matt has been able to create such an amazing website for me, If you’re looking for a web developer or a new site for yourself absolutely get in touch with him (his website link is in the footer). He’s a busy bee but loves working on creative projects and he’s incredibly talented!

Olivia x

coat – Zara
jumper – And Other Stories (gifted)
jeans – Missguided (gifted)
shoes – Zara
bag – Asos
travel mug – Grind (gifted)

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