Valentines Day Gifts & Ideas

pyjama shirt- MISSGUIDED* , trousers- Missy Empire, shoes- Whistles
candle- Tom Dixon, hand cream- Aesop
1. Pink pyjama set
2. Lover’s Lock & Keys
3. Bacon & Egg socks
4. XOXO ring
5. ‘I hate you the least’ coaster
6. Blush bustier bra & pants
I think this is my first ever Valentines day blog post, which is surprising because it’s one of my favourite days of the year! Whether you’re spending it with partners or pals it’s a really great opportunity to let the people around you know how much you care for them.
To me Valentines isn’t a day to feel bad for being single or a competition of who can spend the most on their significant other. I think it should be about appreciating people in your life. Even sending a card to someone you know dreads February 14th every year is a really thoughtful gesture, a little really does go a long way!
How lovely would it be to give a cute pair of gimmicky socks, a card and someones favourite flowers? or instead of going out for dinner make some paper decorations and cook at home? Homemade touches really do show the effort! A valentines day years ago I spent hours cutting pink post-it notes into heart shapes and put them all over the walls, it was cheap, effective and funny (and definitely not lame!! haha).
If you’re a girl like myself and believe deeply in ‘treating yo self’, go and get yourself some new fancy pyjamas and spend the evening relaxing. It could be a glass of wine in the bath or pizza and your favourite movie (or both!). Dedicating time for yourself is just as important as doing that for others!
Anyway hope this might have helped if you’re feeling a little stuck,
 happy Friday!
Olivia xx