What I do and don’t post online

It’s bank holiday Monday and I feel like an absolute coach potato. I’ve had a nasty cold for the past couple days and haven’t been able to do very much. I’m actually glad its a national holiday because any other Monday I’d be feeling immense freelancer guilt for taking two days off and producing little to no content.

Moving between my bed and the sofa is an effort today. Other than watching hour long youtube videos of Gordan Ramsey slating food (this actually exists and is great fun to watch if you’re ill), reading a couple chapters of a new book and putting the kettle on for the 12th time this afternoon- I haven’t got much to update my social media on.

It got me thinking about what I do and don’t post on my social media, because no one wants to hear me complaining about having a cold.┬áThere’s lots that people don’t share online, finances, family updates, what they eat for breakfast/lunch/dinner. I’m personally more strict than most people I know with what I share about myself online, which is kind of confusing because I’m always posting on social media.

I go by the rule that if I wouldn’t show my Grandma, I don’t post it. I actually think it’s a really good one to go by, especially if you’re at school, college or uni. I watch my language, I don’t post my nights out, I’m very conscious about spreading false news or misinformation and I don’t joke online like I would with my friends off the internet (this is usually just self deprecating humour, but I feel it can get misinterpreted online).
Some of this comes from the fear of offending. I hate the idea of someone feeling judged or angry from something I’ve posted. If I post something on my Instagram story within 5 minutes 100 people will have already seen it. That doesn’t give me much time to change my mind or take it back.

I’m very sarcastic and dry humoured, I’m a huge horror fan, I like educating myself on world issues and I’m a massive animal lover, but I can find it difficult on Instagram to touch on these aspects of what makes me, me.
I share the odd meme and maybe I’ll post a picture of some new spooki books I’m reading, but nothing in depth.

I created my Instagram and blog because I love fashion and I wanted to post about it. It’s what I’m so passionate about, it was always a space to post nothing more than pictures of my outfits and to talk about what I’m loving at the moment in the industry.
In 2019 I still try and remember that, that it’s okay not to share every tiny detail about yourself online.

I’ve seen it countless times that if you don’t touch on certain issues people make presumptions that are often wrong. Then when you do share more, you’ll be held to that standard and level of expectation for the rest of your time on the internet. I have a really really great audience, I think you do attract like minded people when you put yourself out there online. Personally I’ve never had anything but good intentions my way, which I am truly thankful for. But it really does only take one bad egg to ruin it for someone, I’ve seen it happen to other bloggers and it sucks.

So I like to keep it light hearted, my main focus is fashion, lifestyle, interiors, bunnies, trends and food hangouts I’d recommend you visit- I love sharing lifestyle content and creating an aesthetic.
Just because we don’t post it on our feeds doesn’t mean it’s any less important, we all know as big as Instagram is to some of us (it’s literally a job for me!) it also means nothing and could disappear at any moment. It doesn’t define us one bit.

Olivia x