What’s In My Bag

I am a collective hoarder of (what I would call) ‘nice stuff’, most of this stuff accumulates in my everyday bag. Like a lot of style lovers I do like most of this ‘stuff’ to be coherent (note the pink tones throughout!). The bag i’m using most at the moment is this faux leather Misguided bucket bag. It’s a fab size, fits all the bits above and even my big SLR camera, when I’m off out to shoot blog photos.
1. Is my Whistles purse. I don’t usually carry cash or change on me so this is a great size for my cards & train tickets.
2. Compact mirror, mine is from Chanel and was a gift I’ve had for about 4 years now, does the job and still looks cute.
3. My organiser keeps me from falling apart. I am always writing to-do lists and organising my uni work and emails, it’s all kept in here.
4. Frends headphones, are a necessity. I commute to London from Winchester about 3/4 times a week during term time so I spend a huge amount of time on trains, tubes and walking to different sites.
5. I only recently picked up this Pearlessence oil but I use it all the time. I mix in it with my foundation, I use it on my hair and as a body oil. I’m not too keen on the Rosehip scent I have, but the product itself is great and I take it everywhere.
6. Pink/nude nail varnish from H&M, the shade is called ‘Milky Tea’. I’m actually wearing it in the 3rd photo!
7. My hand cream from Aesop, has an amazing citrus smell and I love the packaging.
8. I switch between different lipsticks all the time but currently using my ABH liquid lipstick in ‘Dolce’.
9. I am never without a watch, my all time favourite is this black face & rose gold from Kapten & Son.
10. Sunglasses. During the winter I tend to only wear big chunky frames, this Celine-esq pair is from Zero UV.
11. I always carry business cards from cute cafes, important info and brands. If I ever need some inspo of where to shop or eat, these really help!
12. What would I do without my portable charger, this one looks fab and does the job.
(I’ve also noticed I forgot to include my phone in half these shots because I was using it!! Send help).
I’ve tried to link what I can still find online, hope you enjoyed this look into what I carry round with me!
Happy Tuesday!
Olivia x